Spring 2022 Competition

The RMTA Spring Music Competition was held on Saturday, April 23 2022. The top 3 performers from each level were chosen and competed with each other at the recital held on April 24th. was chosen and The winners from each category are: 

Beginner Vocal 

1st: Priya George, 2nd: Carter Pollard, 3rd: Saylor Bannister

Intermediate Vocal 

1st: Dorina Smajli, 2nd: Hailey Robertson, 3rd: Riley Parks

Advanced Vocal 

1st: Victoria Barron, 2nd: Lexi Lowe, 3rd: Elise Fritz

Vocal  Ensamble

1st: Beckett and Rollins Kirk

Primer Beginner Piano 

1st: Bella Loria, 2nd: Silas Gulik, 3rd: Anabella Rivera

Beginner I A Piano 

1st: Dominick Lopez, 2nd: Parker Hudson, 3rd: Tinley Marzluff

Beginner I B Piano  

1st: Hazel Wilhelm, 2nd: Lilly Taylor, 3rd: William Kern

Beginner II A Piano 

1st: Elise Melton, 2nd: Finnley James, 3rd: Emma Bell 

Beginner II B Piano  

1st: Noah Votteri, 2nd: Yoel Anguilet, 3rd: Cate Watkins

Beginner III Piano 

1st: Holly Velez, 2nd: Millie Timoteo, 3rd: Noah Tran 

Early Intermediate Piano 

1st: Joaquin Padilla, 2nd: Andrew Kern, 3rd: Ethan Abraham

Intermediate Piano 

1st: Jeff Brockway, 2nd: Maddie Kern, 3rd: Charlotte Newton

Late Intermediate Piano 

1st: David Nash, 2nd: Abigail Tran, 3rd: Luke Randoph-Seng

Early Advanced Piano 

1st: Autumn Park 2nd: Vivian Pikett, 3rd: Tien Nguyen 

Early Advanced Piano 

1st: Emma Kern, 2nd: Hannah Park, 3rd: Jack Pickett

Advanced Piano  

1st: Vivian Pickett, 2nd: Autumn Park , 3rd: Kate Valentine

Piano Duet 

1st: Jade and Ella Gardner 

Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to our winners!