Spring 2021 Competition

The RMTA Spring Music Competition was held on Saturday, April 17 2021. We had 199 students compete in both piano and vocal in categories ranging from early beginner to advanced. The winners from each category are:

Beginner Vocal 

1st: Carter Polland, 2nd: Laney Preece, 3rd: Caitlyn Bishop, Honorable Mention: Mollie Udstuen & Samuel Preece 

Intermediate Vocal 

1st: Charlie Boyes, 2nd: Allyx Shirrar, 3rd: Lexi Lowe, Honorable Mention: Madi Nagy & Kelsey Melton 

Advanced Vocal 

1st: Nino de la Torre, 2nd: Morgan James, 3rd: Gaby White, Honorable Mention: Elise Fritz 

Vocal Ensemble 

1st: Matthew Kula, Jaylynn Gober, & Nino de la Torre 

Early Beginner Piano 

1st: Yoel Anguilet, 2nd: Alina Merriweather, 3rd: Bree McDermott, Honorable Mention: Ethan George & Jacob Wandrey 

Beginner Piano 

1st: Emma Salgado, 2nd: Westen Sivinski, 3rd: Danial Torabi, Honorable Mention: Charlotte Gildner, Michael Pagano, & Max Solis 

Late Beginner Piano 

1st: Hailey Charles, 2nd: Charlotte Oliver, 3rd: Victoria Estrada, Honorable Mention: Elijah Paxton 

Early Intermediate Piano 

1st: David Nash, 2nd: Jeff Brockway, 3rd: Khang Nguyen, Honorable Mention: Matthew Moreau 

Intermediate Piano 

1st: Cade Thomas, 2nd: Asher Saenz, 3rd: Elise Brockway, Honorable Mention: Levi Atwood 

Late Intermediate Piano 

1st: Autumn Park, 2nd: Alyssa Soto, 3rd: David Chacko, Honorable Mention: Katherine Johnson & Tien Nguyen 

Early Advanced Piano 

1st: Hannah Park, 2nd: Christin Peterson, 3rd: Kate Valentine, Honorable Mention: Cindy Godula 

Advanced Piano 

1st: Mia Vu


Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to our winners!