2021 Baroque Fall Festival

The RMTA Spring Music Competition was held on Saturday, April 17 2021. We had 170 students compete in both piano and vocal in categories ranging from early beginner to advanced. The winners from each category are: 

Beginner Vocal 

1st: Laney Preece, 2nd: Grey Segovis, 3rd: Preston George, Honorable Mentions: Aryanna Reyes & Lily Whaley

Intermediate Vocal 

1st: Madi Nagy, 2nd: Catherine Clontz, 3rd: Janna Claire Enriquez, Honorable Mention: Dorina Smaji

Advanced Vocal 

1st: Victoria Barron, 2nd: Elise Fritz, 3rd: Sydney Adams, Honorable Mention: Morgan James


Primer Beginner Piano 

1st: Asher Hall, 2nd: Haven Buckner, 3rd: Charlotte Cook, Honorable Mentions: Hudson Curry, Abigail Burgess, Anna Langston

Beginner I Piano 

1st: Hazel Wilhelm, 2nd: Cate Watkins, 3rd: Brianna Alonso, Honorable Mentions: Dominic Lopez, Everette Sivinski, Celine Reichert, Seraphien Alexander

Beginner II Piano 

1st: Eliza Bevan, 2nd: Ruby Alcantar, 3rd: Joseph Hunsinger, Honorable Mentions: Judie McCaslin, Addison Runnels, Michael Smathers, Nora Daniel

Beginner III Piano  

1st: Mason Colon, 2nd: Lucy May Farrelly, 3rd: Westen Sivinski, Honorable Mentions: Danial Torabi, Finnley James, Diego Reyna

Early Intermediate Piano 

1st: Izzie Brewer, 2nd: Jeff Brockway, 3rd: David Nash, Honorable Mentions: Holley Velez, Elise Brockway, Chris Smathers

Intermediate Piano 

1st: Allison Hudson, 2nd: Khang Nguyen, 3rd: Abigail Tran, Honorable Mention: Thanh Nguyen

Late Intermediate Piano 

1st: Jack Pikett, 2nd: Collin Adaire 

Early Advanced Piano 

1st: Autumn Park 2nd: Vivian Pikett, 3rd: Tien Nguyen

Advanced Piano 

1st: Mia Vu, 2nd: Sophia Pikett


Piano Duet

1st: Thanh Nguyen and Abigail Tran


Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to our winners!